Austrian billionaire sets up software company in Uganda

Austrian billionaire Wolfgang Platz, the founder of TRICENTS, has set up a software company in Uganda as he also explores other investment opportunities.

This was revealed by David Bahati, the state minister for trade after Wolfgang arrived in the country on Tuesday.

“Mr. Wolfgang is now focusing on socially impactful investments in Sub-Saharan Africa, including making significant improvements in financial inclusion, especially for women, improving the quality of education for the girl child and agricultural value addition to improve incomes for farmers and other labor-intensive investments like call centers to address youth unemployment,” Bahati said.

“He’s here to among others launch Medici Secure Services, a software company in Uganda in which he is the majority shareholder and to explore other investment prospects,” Bahati added.

About Wolfgang

Online search indicates that “Wolfgang Platz is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tricentis. Wolfgang is the force behind innovations such as model-based automation and the linear expansion test design methodology.”

“The technology he developed drives Tricentis’ Continuous Testing Platform, which is recognized as the industry’s #1 solution by all top analysts. Today, he is responsible for advancing Tricentis’ vision to make enterprise continuous testing a reality across Global 2000 organizations,” sources add.

His most recent book is “Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps.”

The book targets an audience of “senior quality managers and business executives who need to achieve the optimal balance between speed and quality when delivering the software that drives the modern business. It provides a roadmap for how to accelerate delivery with high confidence and low business risk.”

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