Serbian Minister Vows to Help Uganda Promote Tourism Opportunities in the Balkans

The Serbian Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade, Tomislav Momirovic, has vowed to support Uganda in promoting the country’s tourism opportunities in the Balkan States.

Momirovic who was in Uganda in late April and met President Yoweri Museveni said the two countries would benefit from the trade centre to be set up in Belgrade in June.

The minister came along with a delegation of both government and private sector players who were looking for business opportunities in Uganda.

After meeting the President, the delegation held discussions with the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja and a number of Uganda private exporters and industrialists.

“Dear friends, I came from the private sector and I know how tough it is to be on the market, to produce, to compete with other businesses, to build your companies, pay employees and build your country. Special applause for you from the private sector,” he said.

“I am very proud President Museveni will visit Belgrade in June because it’s a big step in our relationship. My task is to open the door for the private sector, for businessmen in Serbia to invest and do business in #Uganda but also for business people in Uganda to invest and sell their beautiful goods in Serbia,” he added.

He said Serbia has a lot of wheat and corn but were lacking coffee and beef among other products.

“Serbia is one of the biggest exporters of corn. But what we don’t have is coffee, we don’t have your special fruits, we don’t have enough meat,” the minister said.

The minister was impressed by Uganda’s tourism capacity and was convinced people back home would “prefer to see is such exotic places like you have here”.

“Believe me my friends, you have a very good market for Tourism in Serbia. Just be well prepared we will give you all the support in Belgrade to promote Uganda,” he said.

“You (Uganda) will have thousands of tourists from Serbia and the Balkans here in Uganda,” he added.

“And as true friends because of the strong traditional connection between our countries, we will give you all the support to build our trade for the good of our people and nations because we have so much to offer to each other,” Momirovic noted.

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