Uganda Manufacturers Association: How Uganda-based Industrialists Are Organized

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) is the biggest business membership organization representing the manufacturing sector in Uganda.

It was formed in the 1960’s but later had a rough time until 1988 when it was rejuvenated to bring together the country’s industrials. UMA started with 26 members but has since grown to the tune of 1,500 members.

The key roles of UMA largely rotate around effective representation of the interests of manufacturers to government while it will “advocate better policies, a conducive business environment as well as a level playing field for all manufacturers.”

The other role is to provide an avenue for networking where business linkages are facilitated both within and outside the country. UMA, therefore, organizes networking events such as business luncheons, forums and exhibitions to enable “members to exchange experiences, ideas and to develop new business linkages.”

Relatedly, “UMA is the major source of information on manufacturing and associated industries in Uganda. It provides information and practical experience on the investment climate in Uganda.” The association has both online and hard copies of monthly newsletters as well as an annual manufacturers directory and trade fair catalogues. At least 100,000 virtual copies of the newsletters and 10,000 physical ones are distributed monthly.

The Association also carried out training to enhance competitiveness in the wake of the latest technological trends.

To become a member, click this link to follow the directives:

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