Uganda ready to host 19th NAM, G77+China summits in January

Officials in Uganda have revealed that the country is ready to host the upcoming 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit and the Group of 77+China Summit (Third South Summit) slated to take place in January.

While addressing the media on Tuesday John Mulimba, the state minister for foreign affairs said the two summits will give Uganda the opportunity to market both her tourism and economic potential.

“The vision for Uganda will be a stronger and united NAM that contributes to a better and stronger world for all,” Mulimba said.

The NAM and G77+China summits will be held under the themes, Deepening cooperation for shared global affluence, and Leaving no one behind respective.

“The history of human development has been characterized by inequality threats of nature to humans in different forms and threats of humans against other human beings at the time of independence for NAM members, global affluence and prosperity was concentrated in only a few countries,” Mulimba said.

“Sometimes the growth and economic transformation of some countries is perceived as a threat to others due to competition instead of embracing such progress for the greater potential,” he added.

Lucy Nakyobe, the chairperson of the national organising committee for the two summits, said all was set for the events to happen.

“It is also worth noting, the endorsement is a vote of confidence in the leadership of our President Yoweri Museveni,” she said.

“The nation is safe for all international visitors scheduled to arrive in January, and everything is in order. However, I urge the general public to maintain vigilance and uphold tight security measures,” Nakyobe said.

According to the official, China has already delivered 140 SUV vehicles to be used for the two summits.

“In preparation for the two summits in January, the government has embarked on road repairs and maintenance, enhancing drainage, flood management, street lighting, and various constructions in the city and on Entebbe road,” Nakyobe said.

The events will be held at Speke Resort Hotel, Kampala on the shores of Lake Victoria, where the multi-conventional centre is in the final stages of being constructed.

Hundreds of delegates from the G77+China and the NAM member countries are expected to attend the double event in Kampala.

Nakyobe assured the world that the country has more than enough accommodation to cater for all the guests.

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