Uganda Says to India: You Are Welcome to Invest in Our Minerals, Agro-business

Uganda says it welcomes any investment plans by Indians especially in the field of minerals and agro-business along with other sectors.

This was revealed by President Yoweri Museveni while he hosted and held discussions with India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar on April 10.

Dr. Jaishankar is in Uganda to strengthen the relations between the two countries and also explore potential areas of cooperation.

State House revealed: “During the discussion, President Museveni assured the visiting Minister that Uganda was open to work with India in the field of minerals and agro-business as far as value addition is concerned.”

“We have been looking for people to add value to our steel for a long time, but now we seem to be making a success. In order to assist the automobile industry which, we are building here; we have always wanted an integrated steel industry which I think we are about to solve,” Museveni told his guest.

The President also posted on his twitter account that, “We discussed issues of mutual interest and agreed to cooperate in the areas of agriculture, ICT, defense & security, development of the pathogenic economy.”

Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jeje Odongo said India is a strong and reliable partner in Uganda’s target of industrial development and economic transformation.

“As you are aware, we are focused on industrialization as indicated in our National Development Plan III Policy Objectives. This still remains a huge task and I invite more investors from India to explore the various opportunities in the areas of agro-processing, light industry manufacturing, iron and steel, tourism, health and ICT; and take advantage of the investment incentives offered,” the minister said.

“Uganda appreciates the access provided for some of our agriculture products such as coffee and recently the powdered milk which was granted access in February this year. We further request India through its vibrant private sector to consider expanding its importation of products from Uganda such as coffee, cocoa and dried leguminous vegetables, which are all organically grown,” Odongo added.

He emphasised the need to give the private sector in the two countries a chance to properly interact, “thrive and take advantage of the opportunities which will further concretize our bilateral relations”.

“I take this opportunity to request the Government of India to consider the request to grant landing rights to Uganda Airlines, to enable the direct exchange of goods and faster movement of travelers to/from both countries,” Odongo said.

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