Uganda set to host Pharma and healthcare international expo

Uganda will later this month host the Pharma and Healthcare International Expo in the east African country’s capital Kampala.

According to organisers, the expo will take place from Feb. 22-24, focusing on manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals and APIs, healthcare, medical technologies, diagnostics, equipment and devices, health service institutions and surgical equipment.

The expo will also target importers and exporters of medicines as well as policy and decision-makers plus medical practitioners from both the east African region and the world at large.

“The expo will bring together both international and national players in different spheres to showcase innovations and technologies, and hold business to business experience,” the organisers noted.

The expo will be held under the theme, Access point to Uganda’s pharma, medical and healthcare sectors.

“This year’s theme is relevant to Uganda’s health sector positioned to address tomorrow’s challenges. The theme rallies both the local and international community to identify innovative ways of doing business like policy challenges and closing the technological gaps,” the organisers observed.

“The theme calls upon all industry practitioners to put innovative technologies at the centre of development by creating awareness and promoting innovative approaches as well as building sustainable collaborations,” they added.

At least 125 participants and exhibitors are expected from Uganda, India, Egypt, UAE, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey and several other countries.

Just recently, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, while attending the Italy-Africa Summit in Rome, rooted for investment in Uganda’s health sector.

Last November, President Yoweri Museveni commissioned a diagnostic test kits manufacturing plant, said to be the first of its kind in the region.

While commissioning the plant, the President asked local scientists to collaborate with international partners to improve local technology.

“If you wake up it will be easy for you to find partners in the world because those partners are there; the ones who woke up earlier than you. I thank scientists from the US and China for working with you. If you coordinate and you approach partners, they will work with you because you have one element of business which is market and other factors like cheaper Labour and raw materials. Therefore, I really salute you young people for waking up and getting out of the slavery of dependence because that has been the problem.”

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