Uganda’s international airport 2023 passenger traffic surpasses pre-Covid time

Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport passenger traffic for 2023 has surpassed the pre-Covid times after hitting the 1.932 million mark, an official said.

Vianney Luggya, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) Spokesperson, said on Monday the 2023 passenger traffic had jumped that of 2019, when the airport registered 1.8 million passengers.

“In comparison to previous years, 2023 recorded the highest ever as the figure surpassed the pre-Covid total of 1.8 million passengers that were recorded in 2019,” Luggya said.

The official said the airport had also registered the highest monthly figure in December 2023.

“December 2023 registered a record figure of 198,961 international passengers through Entebbe International Airport. Of these 104,160 were entering the country 94, 800 were departing passengers,” he said.

“This represents an average of 6,410 passengers per day. This is the highest figure to be recorded in a single month,” Luggya added.

With the high number of visiting Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+China summit delegates, January 2024 is expected to record similarly high figures, Luggya said.

Last week the country announced that renovation and upgrade works at the airport had been completed ahead of the two key summits taking place this week.

The East African country has been upgrading the arrival and departure units, as well as expanding the parking space at the airport, ahead of the two major international events.

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