Uganda’s Milk Production Grows by 15% in 2022

Uganda’s milk production grew by 15% in the year 2022, the country’s regulator announced on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

Dairy Development Authority (DDA), the regulators of milk in the country, said milk production grew from 2.8 billion litres in 2021 to 3.22 billion litres in 2022.

“This is despite the reported drought in selected milk sheds in the country,” DDA said.

“Regardless of milk prices, the industry continues to fetch a positive balance of trade in dairy products. Dairy exports bounced back to 102.6 million US dollars of value in 2022 from 92.4 million US dollars in 2021 compared to 4.2 million US dollars in imports,” the milk regulator said.

DDA note that the rise in national production of milk is partly attributed to the adoption of improved high-yielding breeds.

“Coupled with sustained training of farmers and distribution of demo dairy inputs, average milk productivity reached 4.8 litres per cow across regions,” DDA added.

The regulator announced that milk prices on the international level remained high in 2022 with limited volatility compared to previous years.

“International raw milk retail prices stabilized at an average $0.5 per litre higher than the previous year. Asia and the US recorded higher milk prices compared to other trading regions like Europe, Oceania and South America,” DDA said.

The regulator further said Kenya had opened the market for Ugandan dairy products while Algeria was also in the process of opening the market for powdered milk.

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